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Historic preservation is an evolving field, focusing on the care, protection, and restoration of the built environment (historic buildings) and other cultural resources. Now strongly tied to local, state, and federal laws, historic preservation as both a field of research and as a profession has matured considerably during the past 20 years.

The practice of the profession requires a blend of knowledge in history of architecture and historic techniques of building construction. The goal is to reuse existing buildings that are structurally sound and environmentally safe. The study of this field prepares an individual to be a historic preservation designer, project supervisor, consultant, or contractor in the preservation process.

The program aims at preparing students for careers in the historic preservation and conservation of the historic environment. Students have opportunities for studies and research in the history of architecture, preservation education and planning, documentation, and architectural restoration and rehabilitation, and architectural conservation. A strong emphasis is placed on community-based projects through college linkages with local and state groups, organizations, and agencies.

Career Paths

Certificate in Historic Preservation
Learning Outcomes

After completing a certificate in Historic Preservation, a student will be able to:
Certificate in Historic Preservation
Major Requirements (13 Units)
Course Number Title Units
Arch 040 Fundamentals of Historic Preservation 2
Arch 041 Science of Materials in Historic Preservation 3
Arch 042 Architectural Restoration & Rehabilitation 3
Arch 043 Styles in Architecture 2
Arch 058 Introduction to Revit Architecture 3
Required Electives (4 Units): Select from below
Course Number Title Units
Arch 045 Architectural Building Code 3
Arch 046 History of Architecture 3
Arch 056 Basic Architectural Design 3
Arch 057 Architectural Model Making 1
Arch 059 3D Studio Max: 3D Rendering3 3
Arch 060 Green Building & Sustainable Design 3
Arch 066 Advanced Revit Architecture 3
Arch 084 Sustainability in Landscape Architecture 3
Total Number of Units 17

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last published: 4/1/18