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 West Valley College Paralegal Program

               An ABA-Approved Paralegal Program

Program Requirements

Required Courses for both the Certificate & the A.S. Degree - Beginning Fall 2016 (29 Units)

 Course Number 

Course Name 


    Prerequisites for the listed class: 

Para 18 Legal Analysis  2   
Para 19  Intro to Paralegal Studies 3  
Para 21  Intro. to American Law 3  
Para 22  Civil Litigation  3     Para 19
Para 22A Pre-Trial Procedures  1.5      Para 22
Para 23 Legal Research      Para 18, 19, & 68
Para 24A  Writing for Law Practice  1.5      Para 18 & 19
Para 25 Ethics for Paralegals 1.5   
Para 29A Paralegal Employment Preparation     Para 19 
Para 29B Internship      Para 22, 23, 25, 29A, & 65B
Para 43 Law Office Management   
Para 65B Microsoft for the Law Office   
Para 68 Computer Assisted Legal Research  1.5   


PLUS CORE ELECTIVES (6 units or more)


Business Oriented Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Para 27 Corporate Law 3
Para 30 Business Contract Law 1.5
Para 33 Paralegal Procedures in Real Estate  3
Para 34 Bankruptcy Law 3
Para 70 Employment Law 3


Intellectual Property Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Para 37 Intellectual Property Overview 3
Para 83C Patent Administration 3


Litigation Skills Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Para 22B  Post Trial Procedures  1
Para 83B Electronic Discovery  1


Estate Planning Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Para 35A Practical Procedures for Probate 1.5
Para 36 Wills and Estate Planning 3


Miscellaneous Legal Specialty Courses

Course Number

Course Name


Para 32 Family Law 3
Para 38 Constitutional Law 3
Para 42 Criminal Trial Techniques 3
Para 76 Immigration Law 3
Para 77 Elder Law 1.5

 Administration of Justice Courses (Maximum of 3 units in AJ courses may be used) 

Course Number 

Course Name 


AJ 4 Legal Aspects of Evidence   3
AJ 5  Criminal Investigation  
AJ 41 Introduction to Forensics  3


To be awarded a certificate in Paralegal, a student must:

  1. Have an AA/AS degree or higher in Paralegal or any other subject that meets College standards.

  2. Complete 35 units in Paralegal courses - 29 units in required courses and 6 units in paralegal electives.

To be awarded an A.S. degree in Paralegal, a student must:

  1. Complete 35 units in Paralegal courses - 29 units in required courses and 6 units in paralegal electives.

  2. Take additional units to meet both the College and ABA general education graduation requirements. (Check with Counseling.)

NOTE: Students who do not already have a bachelor's degree are strongly encouraged to plan on earning one. A student should choose general education requirements which apply both toward college graduation requirements and toward the bachelor's degree requirements at the four-year institution in which he/she plans to transfer.

Students must see a counselor or the Program Chair about the general education courses that are approved by the American Bar Association for the Paralegal Degree. Eighteen of the 25 units needed to complete the general education requirement for an A.S. degree must be from the A.B.A. approved list.

Students seeking the Paralegal A.S. Degree are strongly urged to begin the general education requirements at the onset of their paralegal degree plan. In particular, students should complete English 1A (College Composition) at the beginning of their program.


Transfer of Courses from other Paralegal Programs

The use of courses from other paralegal programs to earn a WVC Paralegal certificate or degree must be approved by the Paralegal Program Chair.  The following limitations apply to courses accepted for transfer: 

1. No more than 12 semester units or less may be used. 

2. Only courses in which the student earned a "C" or better may be used.

3. Only courses from other ABA-approved paralegal programs may be used. 



 1st Semester 

2nd Semester 

3rd Semester 

Para 18

Para 19

Para 21

Para 68

Elective (3 units) 

Para 22

Para 23

Para 25

Para 29A

Para 65B

Para 22A

Para 24A

Para 29B

Para 43

Electives (3 units) 

 Total:  12.5 units   Total:  11.5 units   Total: 11 units 
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