Business Division A.S Degree

To be awarded an A.S. degree in Business Administration,

a student must complete the following THREE STEPS:

STEP ONE: Complete all major requirements:

Course   Units
Accounting 5 Accounting for Small Business 1
Fashion Design 27 Professional Image 3
Business 28 Business Law 3
Business 61 Business and Society 3
Business 62 Business Mathematics 3
Business 70 Effective Office Skills 3
Business 78 Business Communication 3
CIS 2 Introduction to Computing 4

 Take one of the certificate programs listed below:
Administrative Management
Business Administration
Business Communication
Business Leadership Skills
Business Management
Human Relations in Business
Project Management
Professional Selling
Retail Management
Small Business Startup

STEP THREE: Take additional units to meet college graduation requirements.

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last published: 4/1/18