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Degree Requirements and Descriptions

The Digital Media/Internet Services is a Career Program aligned with the goals of the State Chancellor's Office Economic Development/Workforce Education and Career Technical Education programs. Students may intend to work in Digital Media Design or Development fields, or they may work in a variety of professions where web and media play a marketing, support, or communication role. The department also supports lifelong learning, and as such, students interested in learning about digital media outside of employment are welcome. Courses are offered in person and online, due to the nature of their topics, and students are encouraged to work on projects and products that will be launched and marketed for their coursework and beyond enrollment. Digital Media/Internet Services students come to class with many different levels of experience, formal education, and country of origin. Emphasis is on a balance of the creative, production, development, and market aspects of Digital Media and Internet Services.

Currently we offer the following degree and certificate programs (links open in DMIS website):

If you are working toward a A. S. degree, please see a West Valley Counselors. The requirements listed here is from the Digital Media/Internet Service program. You need also fulfill the general education requirements listed for West Valley A. S. degree which is minimum of 25 credits. If you have previous degrees, please discuss with the counselors if they can be substituted for some of the required general education courses.

For career certificate, 17 units is the minimum, you do need to take any other classes outside DMIS. Please contact Jeff Rascov ( to obtain a application form.



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