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Art History

The Art Department/Art History area at WVC currently offers coursework in:

Art 1a, b, Survey of Western Art 1 and 2,

Art 1d, Art of the 20th Century

Art 1e, Design in Society (a comparison of design movements)

Art 4, Art Appreciation

Art 10 American Art: A Multicultual Approach.


Additional courses are offered on rotating semester basis:

Art 1G History of Photography

Art 1J Survey of Non-Western Art: Africa, Oceania and Indigenous North Americas

Art 7, Art of Asia

Art 12A Art of Pre-Hispanic Mexico

Art 12B Art of Colonial and Modern Mexico

Art 13 African-American Art

Art 14 Women in Art History


What can you do with Art History?

Career Options (from UC Santa Cruz)

Many of our Art History classes are required courses for any degree in Fine or Applied Art and also meet GE & IGETC requirements.


NEW A.A.Transfer Degree (ADT) "Roadmaps" of suggested course sequence:

Art History

last published: 4/1/18