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Computer Art & Animation

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West Valley College has joined a traditional media arts program with a critical issues oriented digital media curriculum to form the California State accredited 60 unit Associate of Arts Degree in Computer Arts: Animation. Students are provided comprehensive instruction in drawing, color and design, handbuilding, computer imaging and camera work as they relate to time-based visual media. These formal skills are developed in conjunction with the exploration of 19th and 20th century art influences; particularly the impact of technology on our world-view. The course work caters to those students with goals in...

  1. the fields of computer animation, motion graphics & digital effects
  2. transfer to academic arts programs
  3. individual portfolio development

Students have convenient access to industry-standard media specific computer labs, production facilities in the Art, Music & Theater departments, as well as the KSAR6 Television production studios. It is within this collaborative environment, according to personal achievement goals that students work to produce portfolio quality demo work.

AA in Animation Degree Requirements

Gainful Employment Disclosure

last published: 4/1/18