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Open Sections – Art, Fall 2014

Many students have been misinformed about the regulations for the new Associate Degrees for Transfer. The college may not require students to take additional units beyond the 60 units of the ADT, but STUDENTS MAY CHOOSE to  take additional classes up to 90 units !

Despite the recent restrictions by the State Legislature and the CCC Chancellor's Office, it is still possible to receive a complete, well-rounded education in California Community Colleges! So check out these WVC offerings which still have spaces available for you! 

Broaden your horizons and have some fun!

Art History

ART*001A*35779 (035779) Surv Western Art I- Online Late Start 10/13 /14

ART*001A*37344 (037344) Surv Western Art I- Late Start 10/14 /14/-TTh 2:05-5:35pm

ART *001B* 35782 (035782) Surv Western Art II- Online Late Start 10/13 /14

ART *012B* 37335 (037335) Art of Pre-Hisp Mex - Online Late Start 10/13 /14

last published: 4/1/18