Commercial Music Program

General Information

The Commercial Music Certificate Program at West Valley College focuses on the recording arts, music technology, and commercial music production. This is a comprehensive curriculum covering electronic music/sound design, recording arts, songwriting, MIDI/Digital audio, and audio for visual media. Featuring state-of-art facilities and ‘cutting-edge’ hardware and software, the courses are designed for students of all levels, providing hands-on experience and thorough training in the creative and technical challenges specific to the Commercial Music industry.

“I found I have a real connection with students, that not only inspires me, but I've seen that connection make a difference in their lives and career paths. I love to teach because I love sharing the possibilities, creatively and professionally, of what we can do when we blend music and technology." – Jeff Forehan, Director of Commercial Music Studies

Student Demos

Check back for demos.

last published: 6/29/18