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Midsummer Nights Dream

The Theatre Department at West Valley College prides itself on offering students a wide range of performance experiences. Everything from classical to modern theatre is offered on a rotating basis to give our performers the chance to stretch their abilities. Recently, we have teamed up with the departments of Music and Dance to form the MTC – Musical Theatre Collaborative. Each Spring, our combined efforts result in a fully staged Broadway musical. Rehearsals and performances are scheduled mostly in the evenings with few exceptions.

Fall Semester 2014:

Studio Show:

Ghost Stories by Naomi Iizuka & Lucille Fletcher    Directed by Carol Fischer                         Runs Oct 17th-26th


Main Stage:

Epic Proportions by Larry Coen & David Crane      Directed by Bruce Des Les Dernier          Runs Nov 14th-23rd


last published: 4/1/18