West Valley College ESL Textbook List
961 Series

C=Computer D=Dictionary E=Editing G=Grammar L=Listening
P=Pronunciation R=Reading S=Speaking V=Vocabulary W=Writing

Textbook Author Publisher
Basic English Grammar (2nd edition) (G) Azar Pearson Longman
Focus on Grammar (2nd edition, basic) (G) Schoenberg Pearson Longman
Grammar in Context 1 (4th edition) (G) Elbaum Thomson Heinle
Lab for 961GW
Focus on GrammarWorkbook (2nd edition, basic) (G) Eckstut Pearson Longman
More Grammar Practice 1 (G) Gordon Thomson Heinle

Crossroads Cafe:

Work Text A (LS) Savage et al. Thomson Heinle
Photo Stories A(LS) Savageet al. Thomson Heinle
Focus on Pronunciation 1 (P) Lane Pearson Longman
Pronunciation Pairs (P) Baker Cambridge Univ. Press
ESL 961 RV
All About the USA (R) Broukal & Murphy Pearson Longman
Basic Reading Power (R) Mikulecky & Jeffries Pearson Longman
Facts and Figures (4th edition) (R) Ackert & Lee Thomson Heinle
For Your Information 1 (R) Blanchard & Root Pearson Longman
More True Stories(R) Heyer Pearson Longman
Themes For Today(2nd edition) ( R) Smith & Mare Thomson Heinle
What a Life!(beginning) (R ) Broukal Pearson Longman
What a World1 (R) Broukal Pearson Longman