West Valley College ESL Textbook List
964 Series

C=Computer D=Dictionary E=Editing G=Grammar L=Listening
P=Pronunciation R=Reading S=Speaking V=Vocabulary W=Writing

Textbook Author Publisher ISBN
Developing Composition Skills (W) Ruetten Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-6932-9
Focus On Grammar: High Intermediate (G) Fuchs Addison-Wesley 0-201-65689-2
Functions of English Grammar (G) Holschuh St. Martin's 0-312-05605-2
Making Sense in English (G) Pierson/Vik Addison-Wesley 0-201-14585-5
Mosaic I (G) Werner/Nelson McGraw-Hill 0-07-069576-8
Paragraph Patterns (W) Auerbach Harcourt Brace 0-15-567983-X
Paragraph Power (W) Rooks Prentice Hall 0-13-648585-5
Process of Paragraph Writing (W) Reid Prentice Hall 0-13-101205-3
Understanding and Using English Grammar (G) Azar Prentice Hall 0-13-943614-6
ESL 964L
Face the Issues (L,S) Numrich Longman 0-201-84672-1
Five Star Films (L,S) Mejia/O'Connor Prentice Hall 0-13-035536-4
Passages (L,S) James Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-2311-6
Selected Topics (L,S) Kisslinger Longman 0-8013-0967-0
Sounds Great Book 2 (P) Beisbier Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-4273-0
Touchy Situations (S) Penrod Dymon 0-9637742-0-4
Northstar Listening/Speaking High Intermediate Longman
Concepts for Today (R) Smith/Mare Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-3436-3
Herald Tribune: In the News (R) Tiersky/Chernoff NTC 0-8442-0791-8
Making Connections (R) Pakenham St. Martin's 0-312-09226-1
Multicultural Workshop 3 (R,W) Blanton/Lee Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-5020-2
Rethinking America (R) Sokolik Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-2277-2
USA Today: Read All About It (R) Tiersky/Chernoff NTC 0-8442-0791-8