West Valley College ESL Textbook List
65 Series

C=Computer D=Dictionary E=Editing G=Grammar L=Listening
P=Pronunciation R=Reading S=Speaking V=Vocabulary W=Writing

Textbook Author Publisher ISBN
Chartbook (Blue Azar) (G) Azar Prentice Hall 0-13-948233-4
Focus on Editing (E) Fox Longman 0-8013-0681-7
Independent Writing (W) O'Donnell Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-4206-4
Refining Composition Skills (W) Smalley/Ruetten Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-5210-8
Tools for Writing (W) Fellag Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-5294-9
Transitions (W) Bates St. Martin's 0-312-08943-0
Writer's Guide (E) Pellegrino MauiArthoughts 0-945045-02-6
Writing Clearly (E) Lane Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-3849-0
Consider the Issues (L,S) Numrich Longman 0-201-82529-5
Face To Face (S) Zanger Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-3954-3
Interactive Listening on Campus (L) James Heinle & Heinle 0-8384-2270-5
Speaking Solutions (L,S) Mattews Prentice Hall 0-13-701229-2
Stories from Lake Woebegon (L,S) Boyd/Quinn Addison-Wesley 0-8013-0312-5
Talk Radio (L,S) Sadow/Sather Addison-Wesley 0-201-16836-7
Noteworthy (2nd ed.) (L) Lim/Smalzer Heinle/Heinle 0-8384-5009-1
Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn Lebauer
Northstar Listening/Speaking Advanced Longman
Morning Edition (R) Tiersky NTC 0-8442-0564-8
Vocabulary Workbook (V) Farid Prentice Hall 0-13-942913-1