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Russian russkiy yazyk

is the principal state and cultural language of Russia. Russian belongs to the family of the Indo-European languages.

Together with Ukrainian and Belarusian, the Russian language makes up the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, it is one of the official languages of the United Nations, and it is spoken by about 167 million people.

"Россию можно понять с разумом… Необходимо просто верить в России."
"Russia cannot be understood with the mind... One must simply believe in Russia."
-Fyodor Tyutchev


Galina Chyorny, Instructor


Degree(s) / Institutions

M.A. degree Odessa University, Ukraine

Major: Phylology, French Language and Literature

Classes at WVC: Russian 1A, 11A, 1B, 11B

Experience: 17 years teaching in Odessa, Ukraine

15 years teaching at West Valley College

Personal message to prospective students:

Our Russian class is a bridge that unites two great countries and cultures. Despite of what you might have heard, Russian is fun, interesting and very learnable.

Personal interests or areas of research: Fine Arts, Russian Poetry, Gardening.

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