Biology Degree Programs

A.S. Degree in Biology

After completing an Associate of Science degree in Biology, a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific method by applying to a laboratory problem
  • Demonstrate proper use of laboratory equipment, techniques and/or technology commonly employed in the field of biology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and observational skills by applying knowledge of biological principles and concepts to a novel problem

Required Core Classes

BIO 41 Principles of Animal Biology 5 units
BIO 42 Principles of Plant Biology 5 units
BIO 43 Principles of Cells 5 units
BIO 45 Microbiology 5 units
BIO 47 Human Anatomy 5 units
BIO 48 Human Physiology 5 units
Electives Select either CHEM 1A and CHEM 1B OR CHEM 30A and CHEM 30B  
CHEM 1A General Chemistry 5 units
CHEM 1B General Chemistry 5 units 
CHEM 30A Fundamentals of Chemistry 4 units 
CHEM 30B Fundamentals of Chemistry 3 units 
Total Major Units   21–25 units

To be awarded an A.S. Degree in the above, a student must complete

  1. All the major requirements
  2. Additional units to meet the college graduation requirements

The student should choose those general education requirements which may apply both toward graduation requirements of the college and toward the bachelor’s degree requirement at the four-year institution to which he/she plans to transfer.

last published: 10/16/17