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Department of Mathematics


Mathematics is a multifaceted subject of great beauty and application. The study of math explores some of the deepest questions and puzzles that have ever been encountered and equips the student with a universal language used to study quantities and relationships in all fields. Through the study of mathematics, the student develops both the ability to think logically and abstractly as well as the problem-solving and computational skills necessary for success in any field of study.

A.A. Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers an Associates of Arts degree in Mathematics. To be awarded an A.A. degree, a student must complete:

  1. All the major requirements.
  2. Additional units to meet the college graduation requirements. The student should choose those general education requirements which may apply both toward graduation requirements of the college and toward the bachelor’s degree requirements at the four-year institution to which he/she plans to transfer.

Major Requirements:

Course Units
Math 003A Analytical Geometry and Calculus I 5
Math 003B Analytical Geometry and Calculus II 5
Math 004A Intermediate Calculus 4
Math 004B* Differential Equations 4
Phys 004A Engineering Physics I 5
Phys 004B Engineering Physics II 5
Phys 004C Engineering Physics III 5
Required Electives from Recommended List 3


Recommended Electives:

Course Units
Engr 021 Intro to Computing for Scientists and Engineers 3
Math 004C* Linear Algebra 4
Math 019 Discrete Mathematics 4

*Upper division at San Jose State University


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