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Viking Bookstore

Why does Viking Bookstore need my textbook requests so early?

  • In order for the college to comply with the Federal HEOA mandate, the college is required to make available to students at the time of course registration the list of all required materials and their cost. We can comply with posting this information on Viking Bookstore's website only if all instructors have communicated their textbook selections a minimum of one week before registration begins.
  • To allow time to research your book's publisher, ISBN, and availability
  • To determine if your book is out-of-stock, out of print, or if there is a new edition
  • To locate and purchase used copies on campus and around the country and/or order new books from the publishers

These steps take time, plus some new book orders can take weeks to come in.

How can early textbook requests save students money?

  • Viking Bookstore can buy used copies from students on campus and pay them up to 50% of the purchase price
  • Viking Bookstore can locate additional used copies on the national used book market before other institutions buy them
  • Next term's students can buy these used books for 25% less than the cost of a new book or rent them for up to 75% less

Working together we can help make sure students are ready for the first day of class. Your bookstore team is always here to help. Stop by our store, email us at TM361@bncollege.com, or call us at 408-741-2663

How do I submit a textbook request?

What are the benefits of submitting my textbook requests online?

  • Available 24/7
  • Lists of books used, by course, for the last two years
  • A one-click process for requesting books used in previous terms
  • A searchable database of more than 250,000 textbook titles
  • Drop down boxes for faster entries
  • Email confirmation that your request was received
  • A link to the Faculty Center Network free online resource

Get started Faculty Enlight. Note: If you haven't already registered on the site, you will need to register first.  

How are books chosen for the Textbook Rental Program?

  • Edition status
  • Re-use rate of the book on campus and across the company
  • Single vs. multi-use (Single use i.e. online components, access codes, study guides, etc.)

Your Textbook Manager, Tina Kugler, can work with the administration and faculty to select titles for rent.

How can faculty support textbook rentals at West Valley College?

  • Let your students know the bookstore offers rentals
  • Use books that don't require online access codes or single use components
  • Submit adoptions by the posted due dates

Why do all course packs need to be ordered through Viking Bookstore?

To maintain WVC's compliance with HEOA regulations, Viking Bookstore needs to be notified of all required course materials so that they can post this information on the textbook information site attached to the class registration process. A faculty member may initiate the development of a coursepack directly with WVC Printing Services or Xanedu which will notify Viking Bookstore to post the appropriate information. If a faculty member develops a course pack with an external company, they should notify Tina Kugler so that the appropriate information can be added to the textbook information site.

Per college policy, faculty members may not create course packs to sell directly to students themselves or through their departments.

How do I get started when creating a coursepack?

  • Faculty creating coursepacks can get started by contacting Chung Lai at 408-741-4151 or chung.lai@westvalley.edu
  • If working with Xanedu, contact Xanedu Campus Rep Justin Navarro at 415-744-4292, jnavarro@xanedu.com.
  • If working with a company other than Xanedu, make sure to also provide coursepack information to Viking Bookstore so that it can be posted for our students.

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