CAREER PROGRAMS: Microsoft Office Certificate Level 1

Major Requirements

Minimun 12 Units from the following courses:
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
CA 10D Computer Keyboarding and Document Formatting [Equivalent to CA 10 and CA 15] 3
CA 20 Macintosh - An Introduction 1
CA 70 IBM PC - Using Microsoft Windows 1
CA 30 Microsoft Office: What You Really Need to Know [Equivalent to CA 31B and CA 46B and CA 62B] 3
CA 31B Beginning Word Processing Microsoft Word 1
CA 33 Beginning Office Computing 3
  (CA 33 may be substituted for the following classes: CA 31B, CA 46B, CA 62B, or CA 70)  
CA 46B Presentation, PowerPoint 1
CA 62B Beginning Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel 1
CA 62G Excelling with Excel [Equivalent to CA 62B and CA 63B] 3
CA 73 Internet, Hands On 1
CA 74 Using the Internet for Research 1
CA 81 Accessing with Access [Equivalent to CA 81B and CA 82B] 1
CA 81B Beginning Database, Microsoft Access 1
CA 94A, 94B, 94C Computer Development Skills 1 - 3
BUS 70 Effective Office Skills 3

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last published: 4/1/18