CAREER PROGRAMS: Computer Applications

Major Requirements: 13 Units Required

Associate of Science Degree and Certificate of Achievement
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
CA 73 Internet Hands-on 1
CA 74 Stop Surfing, Start Researching 1
CA 17 Technology Competency 3
CA 20 Macintosh - An Introduction 1
CA 70 Using Microsoft Windows 1
CA 31B Beginning Word Processing, Microsoft Word 1
CA 32B Intermediate Word Processing, Microsoft Word 2
CA 46B PowerPoint 1
CA 46D Intermediate Mocrosoft PowerPoint 1
CA 51 Pers. Computer Hardware /Software 1
CA 62B Beg/ Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel 1
CA 63B Int. Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel 2
CA 64 Adobe Acrobat 1
CA 30 Microsoft Office: What You Really Need to Know
(Equivalent to CA 31B and CA 46B and CA 62B)
CA 33 Beginning Office Computing
(Equivalent to CA 31B and CA 62B and CA 70)
CA 46E Flashy Presentations with PowerPoint
(Equivqalent to CA 46B and CA 46D)
CA 62G Excelling with Excel
(Equivalent to CA 62B and CA 63B)
Required 6 Units from Business
Bus 33 Functions of Management 3
Bus 70 Effective Office Skills 3
Bus 78 Business Communications 3
Bus 66 Human Relations in Business 3


Choose 6 additional units from the following:
Course Number      Course Name      Units     
CA 41 Desktop Publishing - Adobe InDesign 3
CA 51 Personal Hardware/Software 1
CA 64 Adobe Acrobat and PDF 1
CA 66 Beginning Photoshop Elements 1
CA 66A PhotoShop Elements 2 1
CA 79 Installing and Configuring Windows 1
CA 81 Accessing with Access 3
CA 96 Web Pages with HTML 1
CA 96I Creating Web Pages with DreamWeaver 1
CA 91, 92, 93 Directed Studies 1-3

Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those students achieving a grade of "C" or better, or "CR" in the major requirements listed above.

To be awarded an A.S. degree, a student must complete

  1. All the major requirements
  2. Additional units to meet the college graduation requirements.
  3. A grade of "C": or better, or "CR", must be earned for all CA courses.

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last published: 4/1/18