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Work Experience

Work Experience

So maybe you’re the kind of student who learns by doing. Or maybe you just like to work and gain experience that way. If so, we have just the thing for you: WRKEX or Work Experience. Work Experience is a course like any other.

  • Your job is your classroom.
  • Work Experience is a type of independent study.
  • You set up your learning objectives with a Faculty Advisor.
  • There is a credit or grade option.
  • Units are counted as electives and transfer to CSU and many private colleges.
  • You can enroll in either “general” Work Experience or “occupational” Work Experience. (Occupational is directly related to your major)

Who is eligible?

Anyone who wants to strengthen work related skills and any student who is currently working, volunteering or planning to work.

How do I Apply?

To register for this class, you need to attend an orientation. Dates for the orientation are listed in the Schedule of Classes. The orientation with our Faculty Advisor is necessary to the program. That’s how we determine the appropriate number of units you can register for and give you other info you need.Please bring your employer information (supervisor’s full name, employer address and phone number) with you to the orientation. Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the Work Experience units counted towards an Associate degree?


What is the maximum number of units I can take?

For General Work Experience courses, you can take a maximum of 3 units per semester and 6 units for lifetime. For Occupational Experience courses, the maximum is 4 units per semester and 16 units for lifetime.

Do students in the Financial Aid Work Study Program still need to register in the Work Experience Program?

Yes. The Work Study Program and the Work Experience Program are two different programs. You’re welcome to participate in these two programs at the same time.

Are the Work Experience units transferable to a California State University?

Absolutely! You can transfer all of the units you take in the Work Experience program to a California State University.

Are the Work Experience units transferable to private colleges?

Not every private college accepts the Work Experience units. Check with the Admission office at colleges where you would like to apply to see if they accept the Work Experience units.

Are the Work Experience units transferable to University of California?


Can I register in Work Experience without a job?

No.You need to have a job when you are in the program.

Can I receive credit for the work I did in the previous semester?

No. The Work Experience program only recognizes your work hours during the enrollment period.


last published: 3/21/18