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Afternoon Detail

1:30pm-2:30pm: Breakout Workshops I

Managing Personal Change: Moving Through Transitions (Part I)

Presenter: Therese Lenk

Managing through organizational change is inseparable from managing personal change. Today, most of us are being impacting by both. Join us in this two hour session where we will explore the impact that the current changes are having on us and our employees. Identify practical actions we can take to enable a healthy response to change and gain positive strategies and tools for navigating through these transitions.

This workshop is sponsored by the West Valley College Classified Senate.

About the Facilitator: Therese Lenk has over 20 years of experience as a coach and consultant working with individuals, teams, and organizations through cycles of change and leadership. Most recently, she has worked with the new president of Pasadena Community College to support the change and transition there brought on by state budget cuts and a new vision for the school. In the past, she has worked with Hartnell, Cabrillo College as well as numerous fortune 500 and non-profit organizations. She helps organizations and people understand what s needed and adapt to changes in process, culture, technology and strategy. www.thepirasgroup.com

Fox 120

Strengthening Student Success Through Research Based Best Practice

Presenter: Rebecca Wong

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. This highly enlightening session will outline the best practices in Developmental Education, but don't let the "Developmental" part fool you. These practices are applicable to all students at every level of higher education.

Fox 107

Harmonica for Everyone

Presenter: Wiley Rankin

No musical experience? Not a problem. Learn to play the harmonica in an hour. We ll break down the basics into easy steps so the fun begins right away. If you are a trained musician, this is a chance to try an instrument built for blues improvisation. Students will learn on a 10-hole diatonic harmonica. A limited number of harmonicas will be provided or you can bring your own.

This workshop is sponsored by West Valley College s Community Education.

Fox 102

Instructional Video Demystified: Create and Upload Videos for Your Classes

Presenters: Whitney Clay & William Clay

In this hands-on session, learn to quickly and easily create videos to share with your students. Use your smart phone to shoot a video (other cameras will be available in the workshop) Use a free application to edit and upload video to the web Create your own YouTube channel Let your creative freak-flag fly!

Fox 106

2:35pm-3:35pm: Breakout Workshops II

Managing Personal Change: Moving Through Transitions (Part II)

Presenter: Teresa Lenk

Participants attending Managing Personal Change: Moving Through Transitions Part I will continue through the second hour of the workshop.

Fox 120

Teaching and Learning Center GRAND OPENING

Presenters: Professional Development Committee

The meeting space on the second floor of the Fox Center has been transformed into West Valley's very own Teaching and Learning Center. Join us as we engage in dialogue about the craft of teaching and learn some new techniques to bring into our own classrooms.

Fox Collaborative Space

Awaken to Vitality

Presenter: Carol Knight

This yoga session will focus on postures, breathing & relaxation techniques intended to restore and relax the body & mind. Participants will leave the session relaxed AND vitalized.

PE 11

Who's Line?!? Theatre Improvisation 101

Presenter: Brad Weisberg

This hands-on session is sure to get you in touch with your inner actor come participate in beginning improvisational exercises used by acting instructors to get students out of their shell and into the moment. This is a performance activity, be prepared to move, speak and have fun!


3:40-5:00:Division/Department Meetings



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