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The College websites at both colleges have grown in size and complexity where it is no longer possible for a single Webmaster to perform the majority of the web content editing to ensure the college websites provide current and accurate information.

Cirrus Project is a systemic change for WVC.


Cirrus Benefits

OmniUpdate will be used to manage and control the large, dynamic collection of Web pages. It will facilitate the content creation, approval, and publishing of the College Website.

Allow NON-TECHNICAL users ability to edit web pages with little training.



  • Cirrus Project will empower the owners of information the ability to update their web pages themselves.

  • Improve Navigation

  • Implement a consistent look and feel.

  • Implement the new Brand – more than a logo and Tagline.

  • Implement recommendations made by Clarus.


Cirrus Core Workgroup

Overall Responsibility for the Project

  • Fred Chow

  • Angelica Bangle

  • David Duncan

  • Carl Jones



OmniUpdate Content Management System

  • Unlimited User License

  • Service in the “cloud”

  • Both Mission and West Valley Websites


Calendar Server to Track Activities

  • Calendar system will update calendar information on the college websites



  • Decentralize Content Creation – empower the owners of information the ability to update their web pages themselves, with workflow & approval

  • Improve Navigation on website

  • Consistent Look and Feel – develop templates to make the whole website more consistent

  • Implement recommendations made by Clarus

  • Implement the new Brand

    • more than a Logo and Tagline



  • Interviews and Focus GroupsCreate Wireframes Designs

    • Stakeholders Interviews

      • Lori Gaskin, Victoria Hindes, Frank Kobayashi, Joe McDevitt

      • Diane Hurd, Joan Worley, Brad Weisburg,

    • Two Student Focus Groups

      • Student Govt & Middle College/High School Students

    • Student Services

  • Create Information Architecture/Navigation

  • Content Inventory

    • identify Owners and what's moving to new site



  • HTML coding of New WebpagesTemplate Creation

    • implementing the new design/brand

  • Migration of Existing Webpages

  • Prototype

  • Technical Infrastructure

    • New Web, Calendar, and Media

      • taking much longer than expected



  • Homepage

  • Inside page – Financial Aid

  • Academic Departments

  • Faculty & Staff Listing

    • Index Page

    • Detailed Page



last published: 3/21/18