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Mission Statement

The West Valley College ATTE strives to keep California competitive as a national leader in advanced transportation and energy technology by developing a broad range of training opportunities geared toward improving the environment and stimulating the economy while preparing California's workforce for transportation, and energy industry advances. Innovative changes accompanying the emerging green economy of the 21st Century will continue to encourage the ATTE to evolve and update services and delivery methods.

The ATTE initiative is set up to transform California's workforce by providing on-demand training that is accessible, flexible and relevant in today's economy. With a focus on transportation and energy. The ATTE provides training to help businesses and workers meet the challenge of newly emerging transportation and energy technologies. There are seven ATTE Centers located at Community Colleges in both Northern and Southern California, which provide training in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, aviation, rail, alternative fuels and vehicles, hybrid, electric, diesel, and fuel cell technologies and other emerging transportation and energy fields. Working together, the ATTE initiative is responsive to the workforce and industry needs of the rapidly developing clean technology industry,

Through the leadership and coordination of the ATTE Initiative, labor market needs are assessed and relevant training programs are developed. The results are consistent, replicable curriculum, services and programs tailored to the needs of the numerous regions and employers in California. The ATTE often partners with State and Federal agencies to provide training free to unemployed individuals seeking to upgrade their skills or make a career change. Contact us to find out more about the training offered and find out how to qualify for free training.
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Our Staff

David Esmaili - Director, Program Manager

David Esmaili has over twenty years experience in the area of demand side energy management, energy auditing, energy procurement, and alternative fuels. David currently serves as the Director of West Valley College's Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy Center, and he has done energy and transportation projects for Santa Clara County and the City of San Jose, California. As the Director of the Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy Center at West Valley College, Mr. Esmaili is responsible for the development of the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and alternative fuel classes and training programs. Mr. Esmaili and his staff provide consulting services, project development, and training programs to organizations.

Prior to his assignment at West Valley College, Mr. Esmaili worked for the City of San Jose's General Service Administration and Environmental Service Department. Here he was responsible for conducting cost benefit studies for the demand side energy program, verification of energy reduction strategies, procuring electricity in the deregulated market, implementing the alternative fuel vehicle fleet and environmental compliance. With Santa Clara County, Mr. Esmaili worked with the Transportation Demand Management program including congestion mitigation and pavement management. Mr. Esmaili has a B.S. in Political Economy of Natural Resources from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's Degree in Environmental Economics from San Jose State University.

Melissa Ceresa - Program Specialist

Melissa Ceresa joined the ATTE at West Valley College in March of 2000, contributing to the evolution of the ATTE's training, community relations and student intern programs. Melissa is responsible for grant implementation, legislative outreach, training development, curriculum modification, and content on the ATTE's iTunesU and social media pages. She works with the ATTE team to develop new training solutions, market ATTE programs, procure funding, and provide enrollment and career guidance to students and job-seekers. Melissa participates in and offers guidance to the K-12 instructional activities and public educational events to advocate training programs for sustainable fuels, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Prior to working at West Valley, Melissa was involved in diverse areas of the workforce, including public service, early childhood education, hospitality management, and the CA State legislature while pursuing her education. Melissa studied at Foothill and De Anza Community Colleges before transferring to the University of California in Santa Cruz (UCSC). At UCSC, Melissa focused on education, public policy, and social justice issues while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies.

Patricia Luna Call - Grant Development

Patricia Luna Call has lived in Northern California since 1982, she founded PLC International Consulting and has worked extensively in business development and international trade, providing access to international trade missions and representing California renewable energy businesses at national and International Fairs and Trade Shows. Patricia has been with West Valley College ATTE since 2008, contributing to the development of programs and funding for workforce training. Patricia has worked closely with  World Trade Centers, Banks, Embassies, Farm Bureaus, and Chambers of Commerce in California and educational establishments throughout California and Latin America to provide leadership, training services and offer business opportunities to clients and students.

Since 1987, Patricia has worked as an employee and consultant for many non-profit organizations and has successfully written and managed grants resulting in multi-million dollar operational and programmatic funding for housing, nutrition, victim services, education, and philanthropy in general. She has developed and implemented programmatic strategies to overcome obstacles to achieve milestones and objectives on schedule. Patricia studied Business Administration in Chile.


last published: 4/1/18