Advanced Transportation Technology & Energy

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West Valley College's Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy (ATTE) center developed a project called Ecopreneur in a partnership with Cabrillo College to help develop curriculum that could be segmented into 15 to 20 minute podcasts.

The target audience is the unemployed individual that has received specific skill training in one of the following areas; Energy Efficiency Management, Solar Planner, and Landscaping, and is considering starting their own business. The ultimate goal is to empower them to acquire the necessary knowledge to be successful and recognizes the need to further their education and enroll at a Community College.

These podcasts are currently being edited and will be available via West Valley's iTunes U in the near future. ATTE is also looking for opportunities with public access television for these podcasts, as well as considering the idea of developing the podcasts in Spanish.


last published: 4/1/18