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DACUM | Assessment and Analysis | Curriculum Translation


Curriculum Development

ATTE has developed curriculum for Partners such as California Department of Education, PG&E, CalPine, and many more. The ATTE can customize training in the following areas:

  • GeoThermal
  • Pavement Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar
  • OSHA
  • LEED
  • Green IT
  • Alternative Fueld
  • GIS
  • Robotics

All training can be offered in multiple languages and can be offered either offsite at West Valley College or Campbell Community Center or onsite at the partner location. Current class that we offer are listed here.

Any class on the above list can be customized to meet your organizations needs. For more information, please send an email to


DACUM (Developing A CurriculUM)

DacuumCustomized training is one of the services that ATTE offers. We can develop curriculum on any green related subject. Below is a brief description of the DACUM process, and links to the Ohio State University DACUM program. You will also find a list of the classes that ATTE has developed using the DACUM process.

What is DACUM?

DACUM is a quick, effectively, relatively low cost method of analyzing jobs and occupations that has been used worldwide for more than 40 years.  It results in the production of a DACUM chart listing the duties, tasks, and related information about the job.  The chart provides a solid and relevant foundation for developing a curriculum and instructional materials.

For more information on this method visit the DACUM website at Ohio University:

ATTE can develop any course your organization is looking for using the DACUM process. Some organizations that have hired ATTE to develop course through DACUM are as follows:


Technical Assistance

ATTE works with Industry and Governments to provide consulting expertise in the area of focused needs assessments and gap analysis. Below you will find an example of a needs assessment and gap analysis ATTE wrote for the California Energy Commission and Infocap in Chile on Solar Thermal Training. ATTE also has the capability to translate any report into multiple languages.

California Energy Commission Alternative Fuels Industry Analysis: Download(pdf)

Infocap Needs Assessment for Solar Thermal Training in Chile: Download (pdf)

If you are interested in working with ATTE on a needs assessment or gap analysis, please contact Lisa Szabo at


ATTE Translation

ATTE can translate any curriculum or "green" related documentation into multiple languages. ATTE was awarded an International Development Research Centre (IDRC) grant in 2010 to translate our Energy Management and Solar Site Planner class to Spanish and to present the class to the unemployed Spanish community for free. ATTE has also written reports for South America in Spanish. We have the capacity to translate in nearly any language.


last published: 4/1/18