Sample of printed and digital collateral produced to promote WVC events


In November 2012, the West Valley Theatre Department performed "Night of the Iguana", a play by Tenessee Williams. The Marketing/Graphic Design department produced the following collateral to promote and support the event.



Full size poster, 11" x 17":
"Night of the Iguana" Poster


Small poster/flyer: 8.5" x 11"
"Night of the Iguana" Poster


Posters can be made in sizes up to 12" x 18".

Digital Promotion:

Graphic for Digital Signage:
"Night of the Iguana" graphic for Digital Signage


Graphic posted on WVC Facebook page:
"Night of the Iguana" graphic for Facebook


Postcards and Mailers:

Double sided 5.5" x 8.5" postcard mailed to over 800 recipients:


"Night of the Iguana" mailer (front)



"Night of the Iguana" mailer (back)


Double sided 4" x 6" postcard:


"Night of the Iguana" postcard (front)



"Night of the Iguana" postcard (back)



3" x 4.5" Single sided postcard

"Night of the Iguana" postcard



Program (cover):

"Night of the Iguana" program cover



"Night of the Iguana" ticket


"Night of the Iguana" Scene

Program (inside):

"Night of the Iguana" program (inside)


"Night of the Iguana" Scene "Night of the Iguana" Scene

Post ProductionScreenshot - WVC homepage

Photographs of the show have been displayed prominently on the WVC home page, as well as the college Facebook page. Photographs of theatre events are used in a wide range of marketing materials, including the Summer Mailer and Class Schedule.


last published: 4/1/18