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Is teaching eLearning courses right for you? 

Courses delivered online may demand more from you than their face-to-face counterparts. To determine if teaching eLearning courses is right for you, it is productive to complete all or some of the training modules, and or to speak with colleagues who are certified to teach online. You may also review the many videos and text documents included in this website.

The survey below may help you in the process of determining if teaching eLearning courses is right for you. Please keep track of your A, B, or C answers. At the end of the survey you will analyze your score.

  1. Do you have consistent ready access to a computer and Internet connection?

    1. Yes, I own a laptop and I have access to my classes anytime anywhere.

    2. Yes, I have access to a computer and the Internet at work.

    3. No, I do not have access to either.

  2. Are you familiar with software applications such as Word and browsers such as Firefox and Safari?

    1. Yes, I'm adept at using most of the popular applications and browsers.

    2. Yes, I know how to use Word but not much else.

    3. No, I'm unfamiliar with that.

  3. How comfortable are you doing common Internet tasks such as uploading/downloading, attaching and saving files?

    1. I'm very comfortable doing those tasks and more.

    2. I know a little about such tasks, and I'm willing to learn more.

    3. I am unsure and usually I have to ask for help.

  4. Do you know what a MOOC is?

    1. Oh yes, I try hard to keep in touch with the latest developments in online course delivery.

    2. Well, I heard my colleague talk about it yesterday, but I don't have all the details.

    3. Is it some kind of cow?

  5. Have you used programs and tools, such as Voicethread?

    1. Yes, I augment my F2F classes with such tools.

    2. Not yet, but I'm preparing to use one such tool next semester.

    3. I don't know about those sorts of tools.

  6. Are you familiar with or have been trained to use our course management system.

    1. Yes, I use our CMS in both my online and F2F classes.

    2. I have spent time familiarizing myself, but I haven't used our CMS yet.

    3. No, I am unfamiliar with the college's CMS.

  7. Have you ever completed a course online?

    1. Yes, I completed an online certificate program to prepare for teaching online.

    2. Yes, I took a class online just for my personal growth.

    3. No, I have never taken a course online.

  8. Do you integrate web- and mobile-based social media to support interactive dialogue in your classes?

    1. Yes, I have successfully created activities that allow my students to use weblogs, microblogs and more.

    2. A little; my students use discussion forums.

    3. No, not yet.

  9. Are you familiar with crowdsourcing, voice over IP, vblogs and virtual social media?

    1. Yes, I use many of these social media technologies in both my F2F and online classes.

    2. I use vblogs and in one class I tasked my students with creating and maintaining a FB page.

    3. No, I'm not familiar at all.

  10. If your students are unfamiliar with collaboration applications (such as Wikis, Prezi, Dropbox and Google Docs), are you comfortable teaching them how to use these tools?

    1. Yes, I have used these and other collaboration tools in my teaching and personal endeavors.

    2. I don't know how to use all collaboration tools, but I think they are useful and I am open to learning about them.

    3. No, I am as unfamiliar with these tools as my students.


Score your answers as follows:

  • Give yourself 3 points for every A answer.

  • Give yourself 2 points for every B answer.

  • Give yourself 0 points for every C answer.

Analyze your score as follows:

  • 21 - 30 points: You are probably suited to teach eLearning courses. This score indicates that you are a self-disciplined proactive learner who completes tasks on time.

  • 11 - 20 points: You probably need to think very carefully about teaching online. This score indicates that you probably don't enjoy structure, organization, and completing tasks within timed constraints.

  • Less than 10 points: You are probably better suited for teaching in the traditional face-to-face mode.

last published: 8/25/16