In order to help faculty deliver rigorous eLearning courses, West Valley College offers four free online training modules during fall and spring semesters. 

About the Modules

  • All modules have been  approved by PG&D and will cover the three units (equivalent) required for Segment A.

  • Each module “stands alone,” so there is no need to take them in order.

How to Enroll

Deadlines to Register:

  • Enrollment Dates for Fall 2012:  TBA

Brief Description of Modules: 


MODULE 1:             Introduction to the Online Environment

DATES:                   TBA

CLASS TYPE:         Completely online

HOURS:                  2 Weeks - (24 hours = ½ Unit) 

  •          Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication

  •          Netiquette

  •          Are you Ready to Teach Online?

  •          Are Your Students Ready to Take an Online Class?

  •          Online/Adult (Andragogy) Pedagogy

  •          Creating Objectives 


MODULE 2:            Online Course Design

DATES:                   TBA

CLASS TYPE:         Completely online

HOURS:                  6 Weeks (72 Hours = 1.5 Units) 

In Module 2 there is a book required; it will be supplied to those registered:
Conquering the Content: A Step by Step Guide to Online Course Design by Robin Smith. (This book is also available as an e-book at a discounted price.)

Upon finishing this module, participants will either have

a) created an online class, or

b) redesigned a face-to-face class to be delivered as an online class.

In Module 2 participants design with:

  •          Learning in Mind                                              

  •          Organization in Mind                                        

  •          Navigation in Mind

  •          Assessment in Mind   

  •          Content in Mind

  •          the Future in Mind

  •          Process in Mind


MODULE 3:            Copyright, Accessibility, Academic Dishonesty

DATES:                   TBA

CLASS TYPE:         Completely online

HOURS:                  2 Weeks - (24 Hours = ½ Unit) 

  •          Academic Dishonesty

  •          Accessibility

  •          Copyright, Teach Act, Intellectual Properties, Fair Use Guidelines


MODULE 4:            Social Networking and Best Online Practices

DATES:                   TBA

CLASS TYPE:         Completely online

HOURS:                  2 Weeks (24 Hours = ½ Unit) 

  •          What is social networking and how can it work for me?

  •          Blogs

  •          Wikis

  •          Podcasts/Videocasts

  •          Best Practices using ANGEL

  •          Best Online Practices

  •          Presentations-Design/Delivery for Online Classes


MODULE 5:             Online Retention and Success

DATES:                    TBA (Course currently in development)   

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