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Instructor Web Page Account Request

Following these conventions will make for easier maintenance and assure that your pages will work well on any browser which follows the rules. If we decide to change the web server hardware or address, your job will be much simpler if you follow these guidelines:

Web page Template

  • All web pages MUST be ADA Section 508 accessible and W3C compliant. There is a template page available for you to use. Email the College Webmaster at: wv.webmaster@westvalley.edu for a copy of the template and for any necessary help.


  • All images on your web page must include the height, width and alt attributes.
  • Example:
    • <img src="/mydir/images/image.gif" height="50" width="75" alt="Image Title" />

File Names

  • Use lower case ONLY for all file names. Example: home.html, not Home.html
  • Use hyphens or underscores, not spaces, to separate words: new-stuff.html, or new_stuff.html, not new stuff.html
  • Use the appropriate file extentions: .html (not .htm, although legal, avoid .htm) for html pages
    .gif, .jpg or .jpeg for graphics
  • The first page in any folder: must be called index.html then that page can be addressed by the name of the folder only. For example, the WVC home page is addressed only as: http://www.westvalley.edu/ (you don't need to use the index.html).

File Paths (addressing)

  • Use relative paths from the site root "/" for links to items on your site. If you move or rename your files, you won't have to REDO your links.
  • Example: If your web page is located in the www.westvalley.edu/business/ folder;
    you would use /business/pagename.html to link to that page in the folder.
    Remember, for the default page in the directory, use www.westvalley.edu/business/ctr/, omit the index.html.
    To link to the www.westvalley.edu/tc/index.html page, use /tc/ from your page.
    • Rather than link to the Tech Center home page with the browser URL:
      • <a href="http://www.westvalley.edu/tc/index.html">Tech Center</a>
    • Use the relative path:
      • <a href="/tc/">Tech Center</a> for the index.html page
      • or <a href="/tc/filename.html">Other Page</a>
  • Remember to use "/" for the root diretory and then add the path below to the directory of you are using.


  • Each page must have a return link to the WVC homepage if you are not using the template.

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