Faculty & Staff

Kim Aufhauser

Kim Aufhauser

Park Management

Department Chair

(408) 741-2403


The Village  V-2

Courses Taught / Teaching

PKMGT 10 - Introduction to Park Management

PKMGT 11 - Park Communications

PKMGT 12A - Basic Outdoor Skills

PKMGT 12B - Intermediate Outdoor Skills for the Ranger

PKMGT 12C - Advanced Outdoor Skills for the Ranger

PKMGT 13 - Wildland Fire Suppression (S-110, 130, & 190)

PKMGT 15A - Duties of a Ranger

PKMGT 15B - Natural and Cultural Resource Interpretation

PKMGT 15C - Park Maintenance Skills

PKMGT 19 & 19B - Emergency Medical Responder &  Wilderness First Responder

PKMGT 20A/B - Park Internship

PKMGT 21 - Park Operations Lab

PKMGT 23 - Wildland Powersaws (S-212)

California State Fire Marshall’s Office - Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARRO)

Academic Service

Instructor & Department Chair, Park Management Program, West Valley-Mission Community College District

Special Advisor on Emergency Management for the State Chancellor’s Office

Mental Health Student Advisory Committee, West Valley College

Director & Emergency Manager, West Valley-Mission Community College District

Facilities and Safety Committee , West Valley College

Faculty Hiring Committees , West Valley College

Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Committees , West Valley College


B.S. Wildlife Management, Humboldt State University, California

M.A. Leadership and Program Development, Prescott College, Arizona


Former Park Ranger, National Park Service - Responsibilities included law enforcement, technical rescue and wilderness search management, and park medic at: Gates of the Arctic NP&P (Alaska), Yosemite NP and Santa Monica Mountains NRA (California), Olympic NP (Washington), Mammoth Caves NP (Kentucky), Gateway NRA (New Jersey)

Emergency Medical Trainer, Marin County Sheriff Department Search & Rescue

Technical Rope Rescue Trainer, CalFire and Loma-Prita Fire-Rescue Department

Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), State of California and Team Leader for Santa Cruz County Medical Reserve Corps


Kim spends over 120 days outdoors and at least 40 nights a year in his sleeping bag while exploring anything wild. This includes rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and peakbagging, backcountry skiing, backpacking, caving, mountain biking, running, hiking,  and birding.  He has climbed in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and open-ocean kayaking in Alaska’s Prince Frederick Sound among 50-ton Humpback whales and Orcas.  He has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, and portions of the mid-East, Northern India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia. He spend 5 weeks ‘camping’ in East Africa.  He had driven his motorcycle from his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains along back roads and dirt tracks to the Arctic Ocean and back twice.  These 30-40 day, 9000 mile ‘road trips’ included camping in the bush amidst clouds of mosquitos, a swim in the Arctic Ocean (where he had to find a break in the pack ice), challenging weather (grossly understated), and close encounters with remarkable wildlife.  He has also motorcycled the backroads following what is left of the Mormon, Nez Perce, Oregon and the Lewis and Clark Trails and managed to cross the country twice never using divided or Interstate highways.  He has never owned a television and does not play golf.

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