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General Philosophy Mega-Sites

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - Very comprehensive, browsable.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Currently incomplete, but what's here is very good.

Online help for writing philosophy papers

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Many classic philosophy texts online here.

Episteme Links: Welcome Page

The Philosopher's Magazine (TPM) Online

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed - "Your one-stop shop for multi-media philosophy!"

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

The Philosopher's Lighthouse - Sort of Philosophy 101 online.

Logic, Critical Thinking, and Philosophy of Science

The Fallacy Files - Excellent general site on logical fallacies

Online exercises in logic and critical thinking

More online exercises in logic and critical thinking

The Skeptic's Dictionary - Good clear and complete definitions of terms used in pseudo-science and critical analysis of pseudo-science (confirmation bias, Forer effect, etc.)

Index of Skeptical Inquirer articles online - Very useful for term papers in Critical Thinking!

Dr. Simanek's home page - A truly wonderful, comprehensive collection of links to sites on history of science, paranormal, creationism, flat earth, etc. Thank you, Dr. Simanek!

History of Science - From PBS. Many links.

Logic and Reasoning: Introductory Material - The host site is "exuberantly atheist".

Philosophical Humor

Philosophical Humor (David Chalmers' list)

Philosophy Songs - Requires MP3 capability for the full experience

Specific Works Online

Check out the The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which has links to many works online.

Perseus - THE online place for ancient philosophy texts

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - A synopsis of Kuhn's very famous book

Voluntary Simplicity - Excerpts from the book of the same title

"The Will to Believe" - William James' famous essay

"The Fixation of Belief" - Essay by C. S. Peirce

Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts: Alienated (Estranged) Labor - Like the title says. Actually, pretty much everything by Marx is online from this site.

Wittgenstein's Lectures on Philosophy -

Descartes' Meditations Home Page - In French and Latin as well as English

Individual philosophers such as David Chalmers, Ned Block, John Searle, Hubert Dreyfus, and Daniel Dennett put current works in progress and archived papers on their Web sites. David Chalmers has compiled an excellent list of links to sites of this type.


Sure, you've read their books, but what did they look like?

Episteme Links Pics - Pics and links to other image databases.

Pictures of Philosophers

More Pictures of Philosophers

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