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DESP: Computer Lab and Alternate Media


The DESP Computer Lab can provide you with an evaluation and training in the use of computer technology. The Lab offers specialized software as well as adaptive technology. In addition to scheduled classes, the Lab has open hours. The following highlight the Lab’s offerings:

  • Adapted Computer Access Evaluations for ability to access screen, keyboard or programs and ability to benefit from services.
  • Text Reader: turns text into high quality speech for learning disabled and visually impaired students.
  • Screen enlargers: provide a means for low vision students to see what is displayed on the monitor.
  • Alternate Media: provide qualified students with access to course materials in an alternate format including etext.
  • Training: shows student how to use text-to-speech software, including Kurzweil.
  • Assistive Technology: Screen Enlargers, Voice Activation Software (and training), Braille Keyboard, Text Enlarger (CCTV), Text Readers (Jaws, Kurzweil), Alternate Media workshops and training.

Make an appointments if you want to be assessed for adapted
computer needs.

We offer Computer Classes, too.

  • LS 901A Computer Aided Instruction: self-paced computerized lessons to build basic academic skills, including reading, writing, math and study skills
  • LS 908A Computer Basics: instruction in basic computing skills such as the use of the keyboard and mouse, email and web skills

Learn more from Anne Crosby (408) 741-2063


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