The Puente Program at West Valley College


students at UCBStudents look up to mentors as role models of academic and professional success. Mentors are asked to be supportive, encouraging and motivating. The primary function of the mentorā„student relationship is to let the students know that there is a caring, supportive person who is willing to listen to them, share experiences and offer encouragement. Students also look to mentors for guidance in the arenas of professional and career exploration.

Puente asks the mentors to donate two hours per month. These hours are arranged to suit the convenience of the mentor/student team. To assist with this, we encourage regular phone and/or e-mail contact, participation in our Puente activities and events, and at least one work site visit for the student. In addition, mentors are asked to attend a mentor training workshop which will assist them in developing a successful relationship with their student mentee.

Interested? Questions?

Contact Rebecca Cisneros (English Instructor) 408-741-4014
or Melissa J. Salcido (Counselor) 408-741-2102

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