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Tutorial Services: Student Notification

When you come in to sign up for tutoring services we will automatically enroll you in the zero unit tutoring course, Learning Services 110 (LS 110). There is no charge.

You must be enrolled in the class for which you receive tutoring. If you drop the class, please notify your tutor or the Tutorial Office at 741-2038.

We will assist you in improving your skills so that you can become independent of tutorial assistance. Our goal for you is to become independent of the need for tutoring support.

You must attend all of your classes. A tutor will not read the textbook for you, nor do your homework for you. Remember that your instructor is the final authority, and that the tutors are not instructors.

Tutorial Services is not a crisis service. The sooner you come into Tutorial, the better your results will be. You must try hard and spend enough time here to get the benefits.

For best results, use tutoring consistently, rather than at the last minute to catch up and "cram" for an exam or quiz or for last minute help on an assignment. Tutorial is not a quick fix for missing classes and for doing homework.

If you are lucky enough to have an individual appointment you must be on time! If you arrive more that 15 minutes late, that can count as a "NO-SHOW" (un-excused absence). Call at least one day ahead, if you can not make your appointment. Two no-shows and you are out!

Group study is an excellent way to improve comprehension of the class materials, to test out your knowledge and to collaborate with classmates who can also be a resource for you. When in group tutoring, you should try to be tolerant of others' needs and recognize that other students have their own issues and concerns.Be flexible. If you have a complaint, please speak to Jen Wagner.

Please come prepared for your tutoring session. Adequate preparation includes regular class attendance and bringing your textbook (along with handouts and questions) to the tutoring session.

Tutorial Services is still free of charge, but our resources are strained due to constant budget cuts. Please use this resource wisely. Individual tutoring will only be offered in special situations. Group and drop-in tutoring will be the norm.

Tutorial Services can assist you with many resources and options, both public and private. See Jen Wagner for details.


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