Student Success and Report

Student Success

The entire West Valley College community is working together to improve both access and success so our students can thrive and accomplish their educational goals. All California Community Colleges are required to comply with the Student Success Act of 2012. New students who have completed assessment, orientation and developed educational plans (EdPlans) as well as continuing students in good standing who have not exceeded 100 units by April 2014 (not including units in basic English, Math or English as a Second Language) have priority over students who do not meet the criteria. “Priority Registration” is explained in the following:

Priority Registration

To ensure a priority registration date for enrollment, continuing and new community college students are now required to complete assessment, orientation, and create an educational plan. This applies to ALL students, including military, CalWORKs, veterans, EOPS and DESP who started Fall 2014 and beyond. Students on academic probation, dismissal, or nearing 100 units must seek guidance from a counselor before registering for classes. Students who are active-duty military, veterans, and participants in EOPS and DESP will continue to have priority registration if they meet the same criteria listed above. Foster Youth is exempt from this requirement.

In order to satisfy the priority registration requirement, students must have at least completed a "preliminary" or an abbreviated EdPlan focusing on two semesters. By the end of their first year, all students must have a "comprehensive EdPlan." To develop an educational plan, students need to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

For priority registration, students must take the appropriate Assessment/Placement tests, attend an orientation, and complete an Educational Plan (EdPlan) by the designated deadline. Priority registration dates vary depending on the group to which you belong. See Priority Registration deadlines and registration schedule.

Student Success Initiative

Find out more about the Calfornia Community College Student Success Initiative.

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Retention at West Valley College has multiple facets: it is the goal of all student services, faculty, and administrators, and is, therefore, threaded in the many aspects of our college. Additionally, retention at West College is about students persisting until they reach their reported educational goal, whether that is a certificate, transfer, or earning an Associate degree. It is the intention of West Valley College to help students reach their educational goal in the shortest timeline possible. Student Success recognizes that students define success, and benefit from West Valley College in multiple ways, including personal development, progression into the labor market, and life-long learning. Both retention and student success are central to the West Valley College Mission statement and is at the heart of all of our professional, and educational, work.

Early Alert

Early Alert is a proactive early intervention for students who instructors assess as experiencing difficulties in their respective courses. The program provides faculty with the collaborative opportunity to identify the needs of these students and then assist them to carefully access support services to ensure their academic success. The faculty process of identifying students is done electronically in our college portal. The data is then mined by student service staff, and students are pointed to take advantage of the multiple student service programs that exist, see a Counselor, and attend college enrichment workshops. In the past, students have been given an incentive to complete the workshop series, where Counselors, teaching Faculty, and Administrators work together to ensure their academic success."


Academic Probation Overview

West Valley College is dedicated to academic achievement and student success. WVC requires that students maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to remain in good academic standing. If a student earns a cumulative GPA below a 2.0, the student is placed on Academic Probation. When a student is placed on Academic Probation, the student will be sent a letter indicating their status. Additionally, students will also receive follow up about the Academic Probation Program which is intended to ensure students progress towards academic achievement and personal success.

Academic Probation Program

The Academic Probation program consists of two parts. First, students are sent dates and times of an Academic Success and Personal Development workshop. This workshop has received outstanding reviews from students whom have participated in the program. The workshop consists of group activities, values and goals exercises, personal narratives, and reflection, along with specific information about being successful at West Valley College.

Second, the program asks students to see their academic counselor at least twice over the duration of the semester. Meeting with a counselor twice, once at the start of the semester and once after midterms, has shown significant increase in academic achievement for students. This is because our counselors can provide resources and information about being successful in the courses a student is taking.

Student Success

Ultimately, our goal is for all students to reach their goals. By placing students on Academic Probation, we ensure that students receive additional support in order to maintain good grades and to help student persist through graduation or transferring. We know that sometimes personal or professional issues get between a student and their course work; for that reason, West Valley College provides this additional support to ensure a student can get back on track with their academic goals.

last published: 3/21/18