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Veteran Text Book Library

 Emergency Book Loan

(Limited funds available)

You can apply for an interest free emergency book loan. Upon approval, the Dean of Student Services will issue you a Barnes & Noble Bookstore voucher, up to $250. The voucher would enable you to purchase your required books if you have not yet received your benefits, financial aid, or pay check.


  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 units

  • Must attend an Emergency Book Loan Session

  • Must bring a copy of your current WVC schedule to the Emergency Book Loan Session

  • Repayment of the interest free loan within 10 weeks or prior to registering for the following semester

For more information contact Azar Babaka, Senior Administrative Assistant to Dean of Student Support Services at 408.741.2080

WV Library Reserve Textbooks

Borrow textbooks for 2 hrs. at a time for use in the library.
Have college ID (it's your library card). Ask your instructor to put the book on reserve at the library

West Valley College Bookstore

Up to 25% off for used books
Able to pre-order online
Also rent book option available
West Valley Bookstore Rental

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