The Physical Education Department at West Valley College is serious about academics. Two full-time academic counselors create an environment within the intercollegiate athletic program, which promotes academic achievement. The goal of the counseling staff is to assist student athletes in the acquisition of the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to achieve their educational objectives.

The following services are provided for student athletes:

  • Individualized Education Plans are created each semester based on skill levels, previous course work, grade point average and personal goals.
  • Special early Orientation to College and Registration for classes.
  • Review of academic, graduation, transfer and athletic eligibility requirements is provided in individual counseling sessions and through Team Registration Workshops which are held each semester prior to registration.
  • Monitoring of NCAA and NAIA regulations for transfer to university level competition. Students are encouraged to complete the Associate Degree, which includes the 48 transferable units required by universities. They are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.00.
  • Scholar Athletic Awards: Each semester, athletes are honored who maintain a 3.00 grade point average or better in nine or more academic units. All students are encouraged to do their best in the classroom as well as in their athletic endeavors.
  • Drop-in Counseling is available on a daily basis for individual advising. Individual files are maintained in the counseling office for each student athlete.
  • Transfer admission, major and general education requirements and guaranteed transfer information is available. Major sheets are available for transfer to CSU and UC.
  • Free tutoring is offered in every subject. Individual support from instructors is also available in Math, Reading and English Labs.
  • Assessment by a professional Learning Specialist to determine possible learning disabilities is available each semester. Special support classes are offered to learning disabled students.
  • Study skills and Career Planning courses are available each semester.
last published: 4/1/18