Eligibility at the Community College Level in California

  • All new freshmen student-athletes (age 18 or older or high school graduates or equivalent) are initially eligible to compete.
  • In order to compete in a second season of the same sport, student-athletes must earn 24 semester units (18 must be academic courses) with a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) prior to the beginning of their second season, and not including any units earned prior to their first season of competition.


Eligibility at a future NCAA Division I, II or III levels

  • Transfer student-athletes may be initially eligible for competition if they meet one of the following:
    1. They were “qualifiers” with the NCAA Clearinghouse
    2. They earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree
  • In order to meet continuing eligibility requirements for Division I, student-athletes must do the following:
    1. 2.5 or higher starting Fall 2012
    2. Make satisfactory progress toward a degree of choice. For example, student-athletes must complete at least 24 semester units toward a degree applicable (I.E. GE and/or major) coursework every academic year
    3. Complete percentage of degree checkpoints (this is relative to specific major):
      Example: 120 semester units needed to graduate from XYZ University
    • Complete 40% of degree by the start of the 5th FT semester of college = 48 transferable units
    • Complete 60% of degree by the start of the 7th FT semester of college = 72 transferable units
    • Complete 80% of degree by the start of the 9th FT semester of college = 96 transferable units
      (Note: This completion of 80% is needed only if student chooses to redshirt and competes during his/her fifth year of eligibility.)
  • Degree applicable does NOT include non-college level, remedial courses (eg., ENGL 905, MATH 106, MATH 903).
  • Division I limits the number of PE units to 2 for eligibility, and even if transferable, are often not degree applicable.
  • NCAA Divisions II and III have initial and continuing eligibility rules as well. Student-athletes will most likely meet such requirements for D-II and D-III if they meet D-I requirements.
  • Two semesters of college level English and one semester of college level Math is required for community college transfer to Division II.  A science course is required for Division I along with 2 English and 1 transferable math.
  • Visit the NCAA websites and NCAA Clearinghouse website for more information:

NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (NAIA)-registration is required if you are intending to compete at an NAIA cCollege

Eligibility at the future NAIA level

  • Visit the NAIA website for detailed information regarding eligibility as a transfer student:

NOTE: For a more comprehensive explanation of requirements, students should contact the appropriate counselor, administrator or coach. This document should serve only as a tool by which student-athletes can begin to be aware of and understand rules and requirements.

West Valley College demonstrates its commitment to student-athletes by providing two counselors who specialize in working with student-athletes. Take advantage of this resource!! When in doubt, ask! Seek help often!

last published: 4/1/18