About the Program

In the seven years since Vicky Galindo-Piatt has been coach at West Valley, the Vikings have won two conference championships (2011, 2015), reached the playoffs four times (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015) and finished in the Top 8 in the state (2013). The program continues to become well known and recognized by four year colleges as a program that sends on hardworking, motivated, and positive student-athletes to the next level.

Program Philosophy

For people looking to play softball at West Valley College, the coaching staff creates a vision and winning culture that allows players to succeed on and off the field. The Head Coach displays passion, enthusiasm and love for this sport on a daily basis and will work with student-athletes to better themselves. Our goal for this program is to gain every athlete’s trust in our vision and our ability to lead them in the right direction. 

The West Valley Softball programs goal is to provide athletes who come through this program with many opportunities to develop themselves, pursue their interests and succeed.  To do this, the program looks for athletes who love the game of softball and are able to develop a positive outlook for this sport.  They will work hard for themselves, their teammates, and coaches because their coaches and teammates will work hard for them.  The softball program adopts a “West Valley Mindset”, which includes positivity, accountability, hard work, and goal setting.  Through this mindset, West Valley athletes will be able to overcome all obstacles that they face on the softball field, in the classroom, or in their personal lives. 

The Next Step After West Valley

From the 2014 team, West Valley Softball sent three of five sophomores on to continue their playing careers at colleges of their choice. Two of those three players earned athletic scholarships and the third player was on academic scholarship and earned a preferred walk-on spot at Cal. 

All five of these girls, regardless of playing softball at the next level, left West Valley with an Associate Degree, and transferred to finish up their Bachelors at four year schools. Two of those young ladies were nominated for a state award for academic honors, and one (Brianna Massey, Wilcox HS) won the 2014 Female Scholar Athlete of the Year.  Each year, our goals are to get our athletes recruited, and to have them leave West Valley with an AA degree.  While we take pride in working extremely hard at our sport and building strong athletes, we take even more pride in developing great students who leave West Valley prepared for their futures.  

With Vicky Galindo-Piatt’s guidance of the program, she has sent athletes all over the country to continue playing the sport they love.

Our relationships with four-year universities cannot be matched by any other community college.  The coaching staff, along with Vicky Galindo-Piatt’s playing experience (2008 Olympian, 2004-2009 USA national team, 2005-2014 NPF professional athlete, 2002-2005 UC Berkeley, 2001-2002 West Valley College) has allowed the program to develop a number of relationships throughout the years.  Trusted relationships are built based on West Valley’s coaching abilities and the actual results of our athletes once they transfer. The coaches that we send our players to are not only great coaches, but also good friends. They look out for our JC girls because we send them the best. 


Vicky Galindo-Piatt

Email: vicky.galindo@westvalley.edu

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last published: 10/16/17