The following policies must be read, acknowledged, and agreed to before an individual may be accepted as a member of the team.

Practices, games, and team events are all essential parts of creating a unified team and strengthening individual and groups skills. It is required that as a member of this team, you are able to set aside time and energy to improve your own skills and work as a group. It is also a reality that you are a student, family member, and possibly employed in addition to a member of this team.Therefore, the following policies have been established with all of these things in mind.

General Policies:

  1. Members will be selected by application and audition. The advisor and coach will establish the terms of the application and audition process. Flyers, announcements, and other recruitment activities will occur in order to provide an open invitation to WVC students. All individuals who are interested in being a member of the team must both apply and audition regardless of previous experience as a WVC Spirit Team member or other cheer/dance team membership.
  2. Once selected a s member of WVC’s Spirit Team, you are considered to be a representative of the college. Therefore, you are expected to represent WVC positively and proudly. This includes appropriate appearance, behavior, and language use. Any member whose behavior at practice, games, or events is deemed inappropriate by the advisor, coach, or college administrator may be asked to leave the activity. Further disciplinary action will result if necessary.
  3. As a member of WVC’s Spirit Team, you are also expected to positively and constructively contribute to your team’s activities and progress. This includes attending all practices, games, and other team events. Please see attendance policies for more information.
  4. Please submit your schedule and any changes to your schedule to the team coach. (Please note that this schedule may require some flexibility and dedication on your part!) Game schedules will be handed out at the beginning of the year. Additional events will be scheduled based on the discretion of the advisor, coach and team captain.
  5. Members are expected to meet their financial agreements with the college. Any member who does not meet his/her financial contract by the established deadlines will have a hold placed on his/her college records and may be subject tot further student disciplinary measures.
  6. You are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA and carry 6.0 units at all times during the season. In accordance with the WVC student government guidelines, should you fall below these minimum requirements, you will be dismissed from the team.
  7. Dismissal of a member is up to the discretion of the team advisor, coach and/or college administration.
  8. Any member who wishes to resign should notify the team advisor once this decision has been made. This is a contract and by signing it, you agree to remain on the squad until the end of the spirit team¹s season. Failing to comply with these policies is a breech of contract and may result in disciplinary action.


  1. You must attend all practices. If you cannot be at practice, you must notify your coach two weeks in advance and in writing. In case of an emergency or illness, please notify us as soon as possible. You are given one absence during the summer, two during fall and one during the spring semester. Absences are for personal or sickness related issues, however not acceptable for work or vacation. After you exceed the allotted number of absences, you will be benched for one game and each practice that is missed thereafter you will be benched. In the case of excessive absenteeism the squad member will be warned and possibly removed from the squad.
  2. In order to cheer or perform at a game or event, you must be at all practices that occur the week of the game/performance/event.
  3. You are expected to be on time and ready to practice. Tardiness holds back the team as a whole, so be punctual. You are expected to remain at practice for the duration of the arranged period If you know that you’ll be late or need to leave early, please notify your coach before practice begins.
  4. Wear proper attire to practice. This includes workout clothes, shoes, and hair accessories. Braces or taping of athletic injuries should be done prior to practice. Be ready to work out and actively participate!
  5. Do not chew gum or eat candy/snacks during practice.
  6. Stay focused on practice activities. Members who are the source of excessive and unnecessary chatter may be asked to leave by the coach.
  7. While you may love to have your friends watch your performances, they are not allowed to be at our practices. Practice is a time to be with your teammates and focus on improving your skills.
  8. If you miss a practice, you are expected to learn the material on your own time prior to the next practice. Please make arrangements to meet with a teammate to learn material or information you may have missed.
  9. If you are injured or not feeling well you are still required to attend practice. If you are seriously ill, please stay at home and recover.
  10. There will be no cell phones or pagers allowed at practice.
  11. If you are injured in anyway (cheer related or not) you must receive a doctor¹s note of clearance before you will be allowed to return to practice.


  1. You are required to be at all home games and any scheduled away games for the football and basketball teams. You may be asked to support other athletic teams throughout the year such as wrestling, volleyball, or baseball. If you cannot attend a game, notify your advisor and coach in writing at least 2 weeks in advance. Absences from games count towards your allotted absences for the season. Missing a game or performance causes additional work for the team and coach.
  2. Members are expected to arrive one hour before game time, unless otherwise specified.
  3. Members should be in formation 5 minutes prior to the first and second half of the game in order to ensure a professional and unified appearance.
  4. Members are expected to positively reflect WVC and maintain a high level of energy throughout the entire event.
  5. If you are injured, ill or benched from a game you must still attend the game in your warm-ups. You will sit with the advisor and may be asked to help the Athletic Director by performing small tasks.


  1. Spirit team members are responsible for the upkeep of their uniform.
  2. When not performing, only small and discreet personal jewelry should be worn with your uniform.
  3. When performing at games or events, do not wear any jewelry. This includes watches, rings, facial piercings, and necklaces. These things can get caught or puncture others during stunts or lifts and are therefore dangerous to yourself or others. Piercings that cannot be seen also require taping.
  4. Your uniform, shoes, hair, and, cosmetics must be properly intact prior to arriving at a game or performance. A clean, collegiate appearance is expected at all games, functions and appearances. See Look Contract for further information.


  1. Transportation to practice, games, and other events is not provided by WVC.
  2. If team members and the team advisor decide to attend an off-campus game or event, each member must sign and submit a liability contract before the game/event. Transportation will be provided for all away games and functions. You must ride with the team to and from the event.

Health Issues:

  1. Before auditioning for this team, you will be asked to complete a medical history form, a waiver to participate in a WVC sports activity, and a voluntary activities participation form. These forms need to be filed with the team advisor before you may participate in any team related activities, including camp, clinics, auditions, practices, or performances.
  2. Please notify your advisor of any other issues that are relevant to your participation on this team. This includes past injuries and medical conditions.
  3. Please take your own precautions. Bring and wear necessary joint braces and shoes, be attentive at practices and games, and be safe. You are responsible for your health. Have all necessary medical supplies for illness and injury prevention.
  4. You will be required to have a physical done by your family doctor in order to be cleared to cheer for the season.

Look Contract:

  1. Your uniform must be clean at all times, including the shell, skirt, shoes, and warm-ups.
  2. Your hair will be worn either half up or all the way down at all performances.
  3. Your make-up should be done for all performances. This includes but is not limited to eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, cover up, blush, lipstick and glitter.
  4. You are expected to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular exercise and a proper diet are essential to your appearance. A normal body composition for college-aged females is 16% to 25%.
  5. You may be asked to participate in a personal fitness appraisal. You will be given the proper guidelines to achieve your appropriate body fat percentage. Enroll in PE 4.18 Personal Fitness Appraisal to get credit for your hard work.

Your Advisor is expected to:

  • Be fair and supportive
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • Help team members develop leadership skills
  • Attend some meetings, games, and activities. If he/she cannot be present, an acting advisor may be designated and assumes all responsibilities of the advisor.
  • Assist students in planning and evaluating their program and projects
  • Approve expenditures of the team’s money in accordance with regulations as established by state law, district regulation, WVC finance office, and AS/ICC bylaws and student activities office procedures.
  • Be aware of official correspondence of any nature written on behalf of the team.
  • Explain and enforce college rules and regulations relative to extracurricular activities
  • Give guidance regarding college policies
  • Help enforce team policies
  • Handle all necessary disciplinary action
  • Serve as a liaison between college staff/administration and team members
  • Your Coach is expected to:
  • Direct and coach all practice sessions.
  • Be present at all meetings, games and performances.
  • Help enforce team policies.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and professionalism.
  • Help each squad member improve their skills and accomplish goals.
  • Serve as a liaison between the spirit squad members and advisor.

Your Captain is expected to:

  • Set a positive example for the spirit squad members.
  • Be the liaison between the squad members and the advisor and coach.
  • Help enforce team policies.
  • Assist the coach during practice sessions.
  • Be present at all games and performances.
  • Begin the cheers during the games and performances.

A team member is expected to:

  • Be a strong representative of WVC and its student body
  • Be responsible for his/her conduct, academic achievement, financial agreements, health and participation.
  • Support teammates to ensure the team functions smoothly and successfully.
  • Develop his/her leadership skills
  • Effectively communicate with teammates, coach and advisor
  • Assist in the planning and evaluation of team activities
  • Follow college rules, regulations and team policies
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