Intern in action

The West Valley College Sports Medicine Department offers a 2-year sports medicine internship to students interested in pursuing a career in athletic training, physical therapy, personal training, physician’s assistant and other allied health care fields. As a member of the internship program, the volunteer student athletic trainers assist the team physician and two Certified Athletic Trainers in providing sports medicine care to the 16 intercollegiate teams throughout the year.

During this 2-year commitment, students will:

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  • learn to evaluate injuries
  • assist with strength training and conditioning programs
  • implement stretching and warm-up routines
  • perform therapeutic modalities
  • utilize taping and wrapping skills
  • assist with physicals, teams practices and game coverage

Students will also have the opportunity to observe work that is performed by health care professionals in the local community. This consists of observing a surgery performed by the team physician, and observations at nearby physical therapy clinics and MD offices.

It is strongly recommended that internship students attend local sports medicine and personal training symposiums with the Certified Athletic Trainers, in order to learn more about the profession and establish early connections (network) for future job placement.

Recommended Courses for Transferring to a CSU/UC
Course # Title Units
Bio 47 Human Anatomy 5.0
Bio 48 Human Physiology 5.0
Chem 30A Fundamentals of Chemistry 3.0
H-Ed 11 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer 0.5
H-Ed 08 Understanding Health 3.0
NS 15 Human Nutrition 3.0
PE-TH 30 Introduction to Physical Education 3.0
Total Units: 22.5
Recommended Electives for Transferring to CSU/UC
Course # Title Units
PE-TH38 Introduction to Sports Medicine 3.0
PE-TH42* Principles of Strength Training & Conditioning* 3.0
PE-TH39 Sports Injury Management & Rehabilitation 2.0
PE-TH41 Competencies in Athletic Training 1.0
PE Activities Courses (6 units) 6.0
Total Units: 15.0
* PE-Th42 Satisfies a 3. Unit general education requirement from Section E (Lifelong Learning & Understanding)
last published: 10/16/17