The West Valley College Men’s Water Polo team is one of the most successful community college programs in the country. They have been successful not only in the pool, but academically as well.

In the pool, they have won S ix State Championships, twenty Northern California Championships, and twenty-eight Conference Championships, with countless All-Americans.

In the classroom, they have close to an 80% athlete transfer rate. Currently there are fifteen former players going to school and playing at universities. Three attend University of California at Berkeley, three attend both Whittier and Queens, two at Pepperdine, and one each at Long Beach State, UOP, Santa Clara University, and Fordham. Our goal is to help train and develop athletes physically, and to help them develop the ability that will allow them to transfer, get a degree and be successful in life.



Athlete Highlight

Trevor Wiens is a former West Valley College water polo player who went on to play for Long Beach State. This past winter he was doing water rescue for the latest Mavericks surf contest.

last published: 10/16/17