FD 76
Creative Apparel: Garbage Wear
Students used recycled materials to design outfits.

Student Designers: Darcel Fuller, Kristina Casarez, Annie Dostalek

Back of dress made out of foil and other materials   Woven plastic garment by Kristina Casarez   Woven dress out of recycled material

Student designers: Jean-Marie Picard, Sentil Lakshmanan, Aerica Cates

Brown bag 2 piece garment by Jean-Marie Picard   Packing popcorn woven into angel dress design   Knotted garment by Aerica Cates

Student designers: Alyssa Oania, Desiree Silvay, Misty Serpa

Foil dress by Alyssa Oania   Garbage-bag dress by Desiree Silvay   Polkadot dress by Misty Serpa

last published: 10/16/17