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2017 Summer Professional Development Application

In a continued, committed effort to globalize our campus

and enhance student engagement, student equity, and student succes

the Global Citizenship committee, with the support of the West Valley College President’s Office,

invites you and a faculty partner to jointly apply for the 2017 Global Citizenship Summer Seminar (GCSS).

The GC Summer Seminar opportunity is offered with the end in mind: direct impact on our students, faculty, and institution.

A requirement of this opportunity is the completion of a tangible outcome with progress/benchmarks that can be accessed by our community at all phases of the project.


How to apply

1) With a faculty partner, choose an international seminar  (from the two choices below)

which substantially informs the framework for your project:

- CIEE (China, Spain, England, France seminars on different topics are available)

- Global Citizenship Alliance (Austria seminar)

2) Submit a comprehensive narrative proposing an innovative global citizenship or globally-centered project

to be be completed by August, 2018, based on/informed by the content of the chosen seminar

3) Submit the proposal by January 29, 2017 to the West Valley College Academic Senate Secretary

Proposal Information

To apply for this Summer Seminar, submit a joint application proposal by 11:59 pm by January 29, 2017.

The proposal will outline an innovative globally focused project and a tangible outcome to be completed by 2018.

Specifically, the proposal must:

-       explain how the project will impact global education/ global citizenship at the institution

-       explain how the chosen seminar is necessary for the project

-       explain the need that the project serves

-       explain the uniqueness of the project

-       include a timeline /benchmarks for the project  to determine whether the project is meeting expectations during the year

-       explain the likelihood of the project completion by August 2018

-       articulate a clear, tangible outcome

Miscellaneous information

Only collaborative /joint proposals will be accepted

Only FT faculty are eligible

A total of two joint applicant proposals will be awarded (four people)

An AS subcommittee, unrelated to the GC Committee, will read the proposals and make the selection.

 Tuition and Expenses paid

$2500 seminar fee and $1500 travel expense will be paid for each applicant.

If the applicants choose a seminar that is more expensive than $2500, any remaining expenses will be paid by the applicants.

Any other questions, please email


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