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Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Fact Book

This report provides an annual snapshot of statistical information to support sound planning and decision-making, as well as presenting a historical perspective of West Valley College. It's designed for use as a reference to support academic and administrative activities and as a handbook for constituents wishing to gain a college-wide perspective.

Download: Fact Book Spring 2012
Download: Fact Book Spring 2011

Most popular degrees

Liberal Arts
Humanities (English, Communication)
Administration of Justice

Most popular certificates

Business & Management
Health Care Technologies

Scholarships Awarded for 2012/2013

Total amount of scholarship funds awarded: $92,080
Total amount of students receiving an award: 98
Largest Scholarship Awarded: $4,000
Smallest Scholarship Awarded: $200
Number of students awarded more than one scholarship: 4

What Our Students Say About Us:


"The professors truly care and do a wonderful job. They are committed and helpful. Many of them graduated from very prestigious schools."


"West Valley has a beautiful campus. A good campus puts me in a good attitude and greatly affects my learning abilities."


"The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about their subject. I feel West Valley College has prepared me to transfer to a four-year institution."


"(The) online class system ANGEL is beautiful and so easy to navigate. I am no computer whiz but can easily participate in all class activities through that system."


"Absolutely incredible faculty...from all over the world, both genders, diverse backgrounds both professionally and personally."


"Quality education. I enjoy attending West Valley and feel I will be taking an excellent education with me when I depart."


"I am impressed by the diversity of West Valley’s student body and was immediately impressed by the welcome atmosphere of new student from faculty, staff, and students."


"Online classes...are the reason I’m able to go back to school while working full time. I need the flexibility in my schedule."


Contact Information:
Inge Bond, Research Analyst
(408) 741-2166


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