Our Administration

West Valley College Senior Administration

Brad Davis Brad Davis
Pat Fenton Pat Fenton
Vice President of Administrative Services
Vctoria Hindes Victoria Hindes
Vice President of Student Services
Matais Pouncil Matais Pouncil
Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Andrew Chandler Andrew Chandler
Dean of Cilker School of Art and Design
Raymond Gamba Raymond Gamba
Dean of Social Science
Laura Hyatt Laura Hyatt
Dean of Science and Math
Stephanie Kashima Stephanie Kashima
Dean of Instruction and Student Success
Renee Paquier Renee Paquier
Dean of Che School of Professional Studies
John Vlahos John Vlahos
Dean of Health, Human Development, and Intercollegiate Athletics
Brad Davis Brad Weisberg
Dean of Career and Workforce Development
Scott Ludwig Scott Ludwig
Director of Communications
last published: 4/23/18