Facts for Parents

It’s time. The person you’ve helped shape into a young adult is ready to explore a world beyond the nest. At West Valley, that world is filled with instructors who love what they do, staff who go out of their way to help your student - all for a price you can afford.

WVC costs 60-90% less than a 4-year California college

In a challenging economy, many parents opt to send their children to West Valley. The kids live at home and commute a short distance to college for a high quality education. In two years:

  • They have the transfer credits they need to go to a UC or a CSU school to finish their Bachelor degree

  • They emerge from West Valley financially sound, which helps you sleep at night. Learn More

Our faculty is highly qualified and academically esteemed

  • Instead of researching and writing grants, our instructors come to West Valley to teach

  • Rather than having their grad students teach lower division university courses, our faculty provide one-on-one attention to your student

  • Our alumni are proof that the one-on-one attention helps turn a poor student into a motivated one and a curious student into a superstar

Many kinds of counseling offered

When your student needs help, he won’t have to look very far.

  • If your child has a learning challenge, we offer one-on-one tutoring - free

  • If she is dealing with a physical handicap, we have a dedicated team at the Disability office to clear the obstacles to learning

  • If your student finds the world overwhelming or if he’s dealing with loss, we have clinicians at our Health Center who offer confidential, personal counseling.

  • For athletes who find it hard to juggle workout schedules with study schedules, we offer counseling for athletes

  • Veterans returning to the world at large can also take advantage of our veterans support services

Your child is in good hands at our school, with enough breathing room to explore, grow, adjust, discover, contemplate, and mature into the person you had always imagined.

Compare Costs at Colleges

Compare WVC ($46/unit) to UC:
$1,150 vs. $13,200 per semester

Compare WVC ($46/unit) to CSU:
$1,150 vs. $6500 per semester

College Pays for Itself

What your child can expect to earn in Santa Clara County (2010 inflation-adjusted dollars)

Graduate/Professional Degree: $96,610
Bachelors Degree: $69,918
AA or some college: $40,405
High School graduate: $28,784
Less than High School graduate: $20,597


West Valley Offers

  • Programs for in-demand jobs

  • General Education courses• Online classes

  • Mid-semester & short courses

  • Summer and Winter Sessions

  • Convenient - right off Highway 85

  • Affordable - only $46/unit

  • Transfer agreements with universities

  • Campus sites in Saratoga, Campbell and at Leigh High School

  • New technologies

  • Guidance and support

  • Great campus atmosphere

  • Fully accredited:


last published: 3/21/18