Create Your Future: Who Do You Want to Be?

Close your eyes and imagine your life ten years from now. What will you be doing? Where will you be doing it?

  • Will you use your biology degree to lead a research project in brain chemistry?

  • Perhaps you’re the graphic novelist who will put pen to paper creating fantastic worlds not yet imagined?

  • Or will you be running your own business at 25 because you got a head start on college classes while you were still in high school?

  • Are you the international student who will start a human rights NGO in your home country?

Share Your Dreams WIth Us

  • Talk to our Counselors so they can help you create a plan to get you on your way. They'll tell you about the Academic Programs our students come to study at WVC. Perhaps you'll find your future career there.

  • Talk to our Faculty about what you want to do and ask if they know about internships or can get you tutoring assistance.

  • Talk to our Financial Aid staff. Ask about grants, federal aid, scholarships, BOG waivers, and other assistance so tuition and book costs don’t stand between you and your dreams.

WVC Alumni Stories

And, whenever you feel the need to be inspired, check out the many paths our WVC alumni have taken to go where they wanted. After all, they were in your shoes once upon a time.

last published: 3/21/18