Business Division

Welcome to the Business Division at West Valley College!

In today’s growing and changing economy, it’s critical to have the skills you need to advance in local and global market places. The Business Division at West Valley College offers you the courses, certificates, and degrees you need to move to the next level in your career or educational path. Industry Advisory Boards guide our programs so content is robust and relevant. Our business faculty work with the California State Chancellor’s Office to ensure our courses, certificates, and degrees transfer to four year institutions.

Accounting at West Valley College

The Accounting program at West Valley College lets you combine your interest in numbers and business into a viable career path. Whether you choose to work for a large corporation,the government,or a startup venture, your ability to analyze financial information and your knowledge of accounting standards will make you a valuable contributor to any organization’s vision and mission.

Business Administration at West Valley College

Whether you are interested in a career or educational pathway in Entrepreneurship, Sales/Marketing, or Management, West Valley College’s Business Administration program will help you build your knowledge and skills. The West Valley College Entrepreneurship Center is housed within the program and it features many exciting entrepreneurial opportunities including business model and business plan mentoring and business model competitions. All courses, certificates, and degrees in this program transfer to four year institutions.

Real Estate at West Valley College

The Real Estate program at West Valley College equips you with the tools you need to represent buyers or sellers in the real estate transaction process. By mastering the skills needed to succeed in the real estate field, you can enjoy the flexibility of a versatile career, while also helping others realize their dream of property ownership.

Court Reporting at West Valley College

The Court Reporting and Captioning program at West Valley College trains you to become an official or a deposition court reporter who is responsible for producing a verbatim record of legal proceedings. Your career in court reporting is highly relevant as current technology meets our increasing demand for litigation and captioning services, text-video synchronization, email transcripts, and webcasting.

Information Technology at West Valley College

The Information Technology program at West Valley College helps you develop the skills you need to succeed in the current knowledge worker work world. Since information is the glue that binds our lives, you will learn how to use technology to help maintain the flow of information for effective workplace communication and operations. Learn more about our programs in Computer Applications, Computer Information Systems, and Digital Media/Internet Services.

last published: 3/21/18