Business Administration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting a waiver for a class required for a business certificate or degree program?

First of all, contact the department chair of the business department. This is the person whose approval is required for all waivers. Be prepared to discuss why you are requesting a waiver. Also, if you are requesting a waiver because you feel you have taken a similar course to the one being addressed, please bring your transcript from that institution as well as the catalog description of the course from that institution.

How do I apply for a certificate? Of what value are they?

Early in the semester in which you will be completing your certificate requirements, you should contact the Admissions and Records Department at West Valley to apply for a certificate. Many businesses do value the certificate program. They see it as evidence that an applicant for a particular job has certain skills. Private industry has helped with the implementation of the certificate program at West Valley through participation on our advisory board.

Are business courses transferable to 4-years schools? What does articulation mean and are business courses articulated with any 4-year schools?

Most business courses are transferable to CSU. This means the units you earn at West Valley for taking and passing the course count toward the 4-year degree. However, because we are a community college, all of our courses are considered lower division courses which means our courses do not meet upper division articulation requirements.
If a course is articulated with a 4-year school, this means that the course taken at West Valley will not have to be taken again at the 4-year school. We have several articulated courses and you should contact your counselor to get a current listing as this can change over time.

Why aren't all courses offered each semester?

To offer all courses every semester would not result our being as efficient as we can be. There are some of our courses that would have low enrollment if they were offered each semester. We try not to offer classes that will result in enrollment of less than 20 if we can. In order to accomplish this objective, we offer them only once per year.

last published: 4/1/18