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Digital Media

The Department of Digital Media is a career program that offers professional certificates and degrees and also provides units that will transfer to related four year bachelor degree programs. The program focuses on designing, developing, and imagining effective and user friendly digital solutions that respond and function seamlessly on web and mobile platforms. You will find that your studies in this department will be interdisciplinary in nature.

Web designers are strategic thinkers, producers and technologists whose work intersects design thinking, visual communication, technology and user experience.You will learn some code, some design, and you will learn what constitutes effective communication.

Web communication is a very human endeavor and is rooted in visual design, written communication, and human interaction with digital technology. Come talk to us about why our students excel at bridging this gap!

We offer classes in visual design for new media, graphic design, web code (HTML 5, CSS 3), interface design, mobile application design and development, and digital tools. Here is a current listing of courses.

Our alumni are a talented group who work in fields such as (but not limited to): UX/UI design and development, experience design, graphic design, mobile design - or what is evolving in to responsive web design (RWD), and digital communications. Check out some student testimonials at: Why Choose Us.

For more information please check out the Digital Media website.

last published: 4/19/18